The Will to Stand

'The Will to Stand", my submission to 101 Words, a flash fiction site that challenges writers to craft short stories in exactly 101 words, was published last week. Set in Lagos, the story is a tentative exploration of the human condition.
Check it out!

The Will to Stand

By Laura Onyeocha

We idled at a red light in an air-conditioned sports car, staring vacantly through the stark, glass buildings oppressing the Nigerian metropolis.

My reverie was disturbed by a child of perhaps six tapping insistently on the window. Her lips scraped the window, her black cane-rowed hair whitened with dust. Her mother stood several metres away, an identical child tied to her back with a colourful wrapper.

Their ploy was apparent but as she stood before skyscrapers built by former street urchins, I couldn’t help but wonder when two are equally disadvantaged, what propels one to stand and one to be carried.

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